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86Box: an x86 retro PC emulator

86Box is an x86 retro PC emulator capable of emulating a wide variety of computer systems, ranging from the very first IBM PC to more modern hardware such as Intel Pentium II-powered computers. it originated as a fork from a similar project, PCem, and significantly built upon it to create a powerful, sophisticated, user-friendly product. one of its core features is cycle-accurate low level processor emulation, meaning that emulated systems such as 386-based processors will run nearly as fast as they did on the source hardware. additionally, there are endless customization options; you can choose between various emulated graphics cards, sound cards, hard drive controllers and network adapters, just to name a few – to create your personalized emulated retro computer configuration.

86Box can run various operating systems such as MS-DOS, older Windows versions (with extremely experimental support for Vista and 7), IBM OS/2, several Linux distros, etc. its improved support for Windows beta releases bolstered its popularity in the “Windows beta scene” alongside other hypervisors such as Oracle’s VirtualBox and Dell’s VMware Workstation Pro, which were commonly used for such tasks.

my involvement with 86Box goes as far back as 2016, when the project went under several different names such as “PCem-X” and “PCem-Experimental” before the 86Box name was eventually settled on. i considered myself a regular user until late 2019, when i decided to dedicate my time to document the optimal hardware necessary to run certain versions of Windows.

this desire to aid in the progress of this project evolved the following year when i took it upon myself to run a YouTube channel and Twitter account dedicated to 86Box in hopes of expanding its reach. such initiatives were beneficial not only to the 86Box project as a whole, but also to myself, as it was an opportunity to learn basic social media management for third parties. i also applied my video production skills to the YouTube channel’s videos; i was able to deliver detailed, high quality Windows installation videos for those interested in running a specific version of Windows, including videos expanding on various 86Box features.

if you're interested in retro computing, retro PC gaming or anything similar, feel free to give this quality product a try by visiting the links below.
if you need any assistance using 86Box, come by our official Discord server and we'll be happy to help out.
come for the help, stay for the shitposting.

DISCLAIMER: i have not been paid by 86Box or any of its developers/contributors to carry out my work. likewise, the YouTube channel is not monetized.
you may financially contribute to 86Box development here.
this website's homepage contains links to donation methods you may use to financially support me.

if you wish to e-mail me concerning 86Box social media, please send your messages at allthings86box@gmail.com.
please note that absolutely no support will be provided via e-mail - the official 86Box Discord server is here for that.
additionally, any 86Box-related requests sent to my @ddxofficial.com e-mail address will be ignored.

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