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DDXEP001 · released December 1, 2019

this five-track EP is my foray into the deep, complex and constantly evolving world of techno music. i like to think of it as a stimulant for the soul, a gateway to a rave, an introduction to a new musical style... and many more ways i could potientially describe it. but more importantly, this EP serves as my interpretation of techno music, and a unique, innovative take on such.

an introductory post from my now-deleted WordPress blog about Aa:

over a year ago [then 2018], i became heavily engrossed in the techno subgenre of electronic music thanks to a popular YouTube channel, HATE (and subsequently 7296272962). i was traversing a rather dark period in my life, when high school senior year would eventually be the culmination of acceptable and “very ok” grades, a questionable social life and the rapid development of mental issues such as anxiety and depression – which, for the sake of transparency, have not been professionally diagnosed yet – from which i continually sought an escape.

i began work on a techno project in early 2018 with a simple concept in mind: it just had to be techno. the same four-to-the floor techno just like you’d find on HATE or other similar channels. and from this idea sprang the project’s newfound name: Aa.

Aa (pronounced “A-a”) is merely the beginning of a personal journey towards the deep, the dark, and the heavy subwoofer-obliterating basslines. this project, as a whole, was my true initiation to techno and what it meant to me going forward in my life. as i have noted, this is nothing short of a personal journey. i built this project from the ground up to not only invest myself further into this dark subgenre, but to also expose avid techno listeners – rookies and veterans alike – to something fresh and innovative in the market.

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